Creating a custom logging event

In order to create a logging event that logs specific data to a seperate file, simply create a sfFileLogger instance and connect it to your application’s event dispatcher.

In apps/frontend/config/frontendConfiguration.class.php

class frontendConfiguration extends sfApplicationConfiguration
  public function configure()
    $mylogger = new sfFileLogger(new sfEventDispatcher, array(
      ’file=> $this->getRootDir()./log/mylog.log
    $this->dispatcher->connect(‘mylog.log‘, array($mylogger, ‘listenToLogEvent‘));

Now, you can log into that file by notifying the event from anywhere in your application :


$dispatcher = sfContext::getInstance()->getEventDispatcher();
$dispatcher->notify(new sfEvent($this, ‘mylog.log‘, array(‘hello‘)));

  1. Danieyis

    Hola, ya hice los pasos y me sale bien pero solo ene l entorno de desarrollo que puede ser

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